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Diamond Jewelry: How To Choose Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants And Earrings For Every Occasion

Diamond jewelry used to be saved and only brought out of the jewelry box on special occasions. The most recent trend, however, is to wear beautiful, sparkly jewelry daily because there is no reason for it to stay tucked away. No matter if you're looking for earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces or bracelets or if you're buying a pre-set piece or one designed with loose diamonds, you can be sure to find something beautiful that you'll love to wear.

Diamond Earrings

An everyday earring is a small stud earring. The earrings are typically found in a round or princess cut and the size can vary from 1/5th of a carat to 2 carats. These are perfect earrings to put in and forget about, making them ideal for anyone who wants a pulled together look without a lot of fuss. These diamonds can be worn to work, out on the town or even playing at the park with the kids. If you're looking for a more elegant look, consider a bigger stud earring than you'd wear every day.

In addition to studs, other styles of earrings include hoops, drop earrings and chandeliers. These earrings may have one stone or multiple stones, depending on the style of the earring, and can come in a variety of metals, like white gold, yellow gold or platinum. These earrings can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair them with - there are no real rules about wearing diamond earrings so feel free to wear your beautiful drop earrings whenever and wherever you want.

One important thing to note about earrings is that the carat weight is typically advertised as the total carat weight. This means that each stone will be half of the total weight. After shopping for a while, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for contact a jewelry store and see if the jewelers there might be able to custom design a pair using loose diamonds that you'll love for a long time to come.

Diamond Pendants

These beautiful pendants can be found as a solitaire stone or a group of stones and are simple enough to wear on a daily basis. A solitaire can be anywhere from 1/5th of a carat on up and can be cut into nearly any shape. The most popular solitaire shapes are round brilliant, princess and pear.

Other pendants can be shaped in a variety of ways. They can be drop pendants, with a line of stones cascading down, circular pendants, either plain or with a design in the middle of the circle, hearts or any number of other designs. These pendants are limited only by your jeweler's imagination and creativity.

These pendants may or may not be sold with a coordinating chain necklace so make sure to check - especially if you're giving this as a gift.

Diamond Rings

Engagement rings are probably the most common type of jewelry using diamonds. Solitaire engagement rings, especially the round brilliant cut, have been traditionally given for years, but recently trends have shifted. It's now common to find engagement rings with one large stone flanked by two smaller stones or rings with a large stone and a row of small stones that run down the band. Many engagement rings are sold as empty settings that can be filled with specific loose diamonds you can choose yourself.

Wedding bands used to be simple circles of plain gold or platinum, but today's brides and grooms are looking for a little more sparkle. These bands can have stones running along the entire band, but more common are bands with eight or nine stones across the top. This is because bands with stones all the way around are difficult to resize which can cause a problem if the band ever becomes too big or too loose. Diamonds and stone-inlayed bands also make great anniversary gifts or as an upgrade to an older wedding band.

Men are also realizing that jewels don't have to be just for the ladies. More and more men are choosing wedding bands with diamonds in them to match their bride's band.

The newest type of ring is known as a fashion or right hand ring. For years, women were expected to wait for a fiancee to buy them their first high quality ring, but that's not the case anymore. More and more women are delaying marriage and focusing on their careers, meaning they have the disposable income to spend on a beautiful piece of jewelry to make them feel good.

Diamond Necklaces And Bracelets

Necklaces and bracelets add dazzle and sparkle to any formal or semi-formal outfit. These pieces are long strands of diamonds, either in one continuous loop or with a few stones sprinkled along a chain made of platinum, white gold or yellow gold. It's important to size these pieces correctly, especially bracelets, since it can be difficult and expensive to remove the stones to resize.

Sparkly jewelry doesn't have to be reserved for only special occasions. It's possible to dress it up or down, depending on what you're wearing that day, making these stones a perfect way to pull together any look. Whether you choose to buy jewelry that's pre-set or to select your own loose diamonds, consider adding a new, sparkly piece to your everyday wardrobe.


Some Of The Most Popular Diamond Cuts And Where They Came From

The love that many people have for diamonds and the beauty of the way they reflect light has led to the implementation of many diverse cuts of diamond. Some of the earlier types of cuts include the emerald and the round but these days they is a great variety to choose from and some of them are quite expensive.

One of the most popular cuts is known as the round brilliant cut which was first done in the 1600s in Venice, Italy. This is still the premier cut when the raw diamond is in an octahedron shape. Sometimes half of the stone gets cut away when shaping a diamond but in many cases two stones can be created from one octahedron. Raw stones that have more unusual shapes are usually reserved for fancier cuts like heart shapes and the marquis cut. The first brilliant cuts only had 17 facets and were called double cut but the process was rapidly improved to 33 facets which led to the stones being referred to as triple cut brilliants.

By the 1800s many new innovations came about in the diamond industry due to in large part, much better tools for cutting the precious stones. By the early 1900s a jeweler by the name of Tolkowsky took things a step further by marrying the talent of cutting stones to the study of light and refraction which resulted in much more beautiful diamonds. He also authored a book that was very popular called Diamond Design. His work led to much of the modern methods of diamond cutting we see today and also encouraged the mathematical approach that is taken today that goes so far to create more fiery and brilliant stones we now see.

From only a couple of different types of cuts the process has evolved to include princess cuts, pears, ovals, and heart shapes as well as many others. Some of the more expensive cuts have actually been patented. One such cut is called the Ashoka diamond which is an oblong shape with the ends rounded and brilliant. This cut requires that the stone being used be over three carats and the end result is a diamond that is not only incredibly beautiful but very expensive as well. The Tiffany company also has a very highly prized cut that is called the Lucida. Like the aforementioned Ashoka, it is very expensive and is normally seen on the hands of the fiance's and brides of wealthy men.


How to Find And Buy Wholesale Jewelry On The Internet

Since my profession is in online marketing it is easy for me to accept that the internet is the best place to find any product you are looking for and finding a wholesale jewelry supplier is no different. The internet allows you to have access to the largest selection of jewelry on the planet and since most of the suppliers are online they must set their prices to be competitive in order to stay in business. If you are unfamiliar with shopping online or perhaps a little apprehensive I have put together a few tips that will help you feel a little more comfortable.

As with anything since the dawn of time there will always be unscrupulous people online who are there to just cheat people and then move on. You can avoid this happening by taking some steps to investigate the company before you agree to purchase anything from them.

The first thing you need to do is research and find some jewelry wholesalers that you can possibly work with. I do this buy typing in "Jewelry Wholesale" in the search bar of my favorite search engine. Save all of the ones you find in a folder in your favorites area of your web browser so you can come back to them later. Don't feel compelled to jump on the first one that seems like a good deal. You want to do some investigation first. Don't just go by price, if a wholesaler's prices are well below the competition there is a reason for it and it may well be that the products are of inferior quality.

Next, you want to look into the companies you have found and check them out for longevity, reputation, and consumer satisfaction. There are a couple of easy ways to do this. One way is to check with the Online Better Business Bureau and another is to check with the BBB in the city where the company actually is. You want to see if they have numerous complaints lodged against them and if so you can scratch them off your list.

After you have done your research and have narrowed your list down you want to get exact pricing, shipping costs, guarantees and be absolutely sure of their exchange and refund policies before you ever place an order with them. Be sure that you print all of the information and keep it for your records, it only takes a few seconds to change the information on a web page so it is best to have an actual hard copy.


Things You Need To Know To Be Educated On Diamonds

If you are planning to be married and you are a man you had better do your research on diamonds before choosing one for your bride to be. These days there is a large diversity of cuts and numerous styles from which to choose and one must be well versed in not only cut, carats, color and clarity but you also need to know about settings and be aware of some of the newer custom cuts available.

Still the favorite after nearly 400 years is the round brilliant which was one of the first types of cuts created. These days these diamonds are cut using computerized mathematical calculations to give the diamond the greatest possible brilliance and fire for that particular stone. The result is a gem that the early gem cutters would have never been able to create.

Many brides to be are not satisfied with a common cut stone and want something that is more rare. Even so, one can find something that is not so common among some of the other traditional cuts such as heart shaped, ovals, emerald cuts, and pear shapes. Another type that has become very popular is the square princess cut. I personally like the look of this diamond myself.

If money is not an issue you may want to consider one of the patented cuts such as the Lucida from Tiffany or the oval Ahoka diamond which requires a raw stone of over three carats just to be able to make the cut.

Some other popular patented cut diamonds include the Eternal cut from Asprey and Garrard as well as the square cut Elara which features rounded corners and the Asscher which is also square but has rounded facets that make the stone very complex and unusual.

The carat weight of a diamond causes the price to increase dramatically and is a much greater increase than relative to the size comparisons. Because a solid one carat diamond is more rare than ten 10 point diamonds would be it will be far more expensive as will be a two carat in relation to the one carat stone. Of course the weight is just one consideration, but all other things being equal a larger stone will cost a great deal more.

Gemologists also enhance diamond rings by adding small emerald shaped diamonds known as baguettes which are placed on the side of the main stone. Another method is to use triangular shaped diamonds known as trillions which also enhance the beauty of the main stone.


How To Find Sources For Inexpensive Wholesale Body Jewelry

The body jewelry market has exploded in popularity due to the continuing increase in people getting body piercing. Although tattoo shops are often a great source for finding body jewelry as well as getting pierced they tend to be more expensive. This is the reason that starting your own business selling body jewelry can be so lucrative.

As a professional internet marketer of numerous products I tend to use the internet to find wholesale body jewelry suppliers since there is a vast selection to choose from and since there are so many of them they have to be competitive with their pricing. These body adornment accessories come in a wide array of materials as well as many different sizes and colors.

If you put your computer to good use and surf the internet for suppliers you will be able to find a large number of wholesale body jewelry suppliers to choose from. Most of these online merchants will bring in new products monthly and will even send you a free catalogue that shows every item they have for sell if they don't have every item listed on their website. Once you have found several it is time to put on your investigative hat and dig a little deeper.

These online wholesalers will usually have a pricelist available online as well but some of them may require you to register for a secured account with a password so that the general public cannot see the prices of their jewelry.

Some of the things you will want to know up front when you are looking for a wholesaler are prices and at what quantities the price breaks occur, shipping costs, return policies and guarantees. If a product isn't as it was represented then you should have the right to return it for free. If the material a piece of body jewelry is made from is fragile it could get damaged in shipping so you should be able to return the item. Also, don't just go by price, you want to sell quality products. You do not want to get a bad reputation for selling junk.

One material you will want to avoid is silver. Silver contains toxins and it corrodes when it comes in contact with sulfur and other things that are in the human body. You also want to avoid selling plated body jewelry because it will just fade and chip which can also lead to infection in the area of the body that is pierced.

Lastly, you should always remember that even though you are buying the products at wholesale you should never choose price over quality. It will be of no use to you or your customer if it cannot be worn.


How To Make Yourself More Knowledgeable About The Latest Fashion Jewelry

If you want to make a change in your look as far as fashion goes you may think of changing your wardrobe first but that isn't the only way to accomplish the feat. New clothes are a fantastic way to change your look but clothes are not everything. Your overall look also includes things like fashion accessories and jewelry. For a quick and relatively affordable way to update your look you may want to consider jewelry.

The internet can easily be used to keep yourself up to date on the latest trends in fashion jewelry. The internet has a virtually unlimited amount of online fashion sites. A large number of these sites also offer free tips in addition to offering the latest trends for jewelry and other accessories.

You can also keep up with the newest trends in jewelry fashion by purchasing fashion magazines in print. Even with the availability of the internet many people still prefer to buy and read the print magazines. I don't know why it takes some people a long time to catch on to the internet but many people still prefer to read the regular print version of fashion magazines. To me the only big difference between the print version and the online versions is the number of advertisements you have in the printed ones.

Shopping can also help you to become more familiar with the choices of jewelry that are available on the market now. Not only is window shopping a fun thing to do but it can also help you see what is currently available and in style. You will see many of the latest sets displayed in the windows of your favorite stores. You know as well as I do that this is one the best ways to view the latest jewelry releases and they look really beautiful in the displays.

Moving on to the internet, this is another way to investigate and explore what is available. You can cover a lot more ground without ever leaving your home by "window shopping" online. In addition to regular brick and mortar stores that have an online presence you can also find online jewelers who only exist online and may be able to offer you much better pricing due to much lower overhead. Usually you will find the most popular and hottest jewelry items on the front page of the website. This makes it really easy to stay up to date on the latest trends in fashion jewelry.

You can now see that there are a great deal of options available to you to stay up to date with the latest trends in fashion. With the internet in addition to the other traditional methods available you can stay up on the most up to date fashion jewelry research.


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